Elizabeth Harris explains how soft tissue/dermal/lip fillers are used safely and effectively in her Medical Aesthetics clinic in Cowes on the Isle of Wight in order to give the results seen on her patient seen here.

When you reach (ahem!) a certain age the face will start to look and feel different which can make many of us feel a little unhappy, to say the least.

I will explain why placing Hyaluronic acid filler in strategic parts of the face will help maintain or restore a more youthful look.


The deep fat pads in the cheeks shrink with age and are normally one of the first things that starts to show when your face ages. A flattening of the cheek occurs, and the skin starts to go south.

Fear not! Replacing the lost fat with a soft tissue filler such as Belotero Volume, expertly placed in the deep fat compartment will look, feel and move in a completely natural way (No hamster cheeks to be seen here).

By treating the cheeks, it also gives the lost support back under the eyes which can often improve this area enough to avoid needing treatment directly. It also provides some lift improving the appearance of the skin in the lower face, lasting up to 2 years (often longer) so it’s a great, cost-effective treatment when there is visible volume loss.

Treatment to the lower face can then be given to further enhance the results and give more lift, contour and definition if desired.


This patient had filler to her chin to restore the volume lost due to further anatomical changes. The muscles of the chin (mentalis) start to contract up causing a visible crease under the lips over time. The skeletal changes that occur include the mandible (jaw) and the base of the chin becomes flatter, wider and more masculine looking.

Slimming and restoring the chin brings a natural feminine harmony to the face. I used Belotero intense for structure and support in the dermis (skin) and Belotero Volume under the muscle for….. you guessed it, adding a little volume.


If the lips are treated in isolation on someone who shows signs of ageing, they can often look out of balance with the rest of the face and shout ‘I’ve had lip filler’ or give a slightly underwhelming result due to the anatomical changes around the mouth reducing the impact of the treatment.

When leaving the lips until last, a little treatment to the lip lines and lip border is often all that is needed to provide an amazing rejuvenation.

This patient was treated with Belotero Lips to restore lost volume and shape as the final tweak!

Please contact me for more information or to book a Consultation to see if Hyaluronic acid fillers would be a suitable treatment for you.

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