Polynucleotide – Skin Regeneration

  • Are you concerned about the quality of your skin?
  • Have you noticed loss of elasticity and/or fine lines and wrinkles?
  • Do your eyes look tired, have dark circles, fine lines and or/loose, crepey skin?
  • Do you suffer from rosacea/redness?
  • Do you have acne scarring or enlarged pores?
  • Have you tried other treatments and been left disappointed?

If you are looking in the mirror and feeling that your skin is changing, concerned about the quality, texture, and tone, then it’s time to talk to Elizabeth Harris about our revolutionary new treatment to stimulate cell regeneration with Polynucleotides.

There are so many amazing injectable treatments available now to tackle loss of volume, wrinkles, and hydration but these do not help restore the quality of the skin.

Polynucleotides provide cell regeneration, working with your DNA to reprogramme your skin and target a multitude of skin concerns for people at all ages.

Polynucleotides are a clinically proven safe and effective treatment that have been used medically in wound healing for decades and are now available to tackle cosmetic skin conditions.

Treatment Summary

Treatment Time

45 minutes

No. of Treatments

2-3 sessions 3 weeks apart


There is very little downtime. You may notice some mild swelling at the injection sites. As with all injections, there is a risk of bruising which can be covered in sterile makeup.

Beauty from Within, Stimulating Cell Regeneration

This revolutionary treatment not only stimulates your own healthy new skin cell production, it also stimulates collagen cell reproduction, resulting in tighter, firmer, radiant and rejuvenated skin.  Polynucleotides are fantastic for treating any area that has crepey or loose skin, it will also treat pigmentation and brighten the skin.

Treatments have been developed specifically for the delicate skin around the eyes, face, neck, décolletage and hands, for young and mature patients.

There is now a treatment specifically for hair loss to stimulate hair follicles and hair growth!


Polynucleotides from £550

For radiant and rejuvenated skin, Polynucleotides are a series of small injections to the area to improve skin hydration, quality and texture.

Eyes: A course of 2 treatments is required 3 weeks apart £550.

Face, neck and body treatments: A course of 3 treatments is required 3 weeks apart £750.

Hair: A course of 4 treatments 1-2 weeks apart £950.

Skin Regeneration at the EH Medical Cosmetic clinic in Cowes on the Isle of Wight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Treatment Hurt?
A topical numbing cream is used to numb the skin prior to treatment to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. Each injection takes a few seconds, and a slight stinging sensation might be felt.
Will the Results Be Visible Straight Away?
This treatment works by increasing your collagen, so results are seen over time. The best results will be seen 4 weeks following your last session in your course of treatments.
Is There Any Aftercare?
Avoid touching the treated afterwards. Full aftercare instructions are given when treated.
Who Can Have This Treatment?
A full Consultation is given prior to treatment to ensure you are suitable. Being unwell, suffering from certain health conditions or taking some medications may prevent you from being able to receive this treatment. This will all be discussed during your Consultation. This treatment is suitable for all skin types, young and mature skin, results will be discussed at your consultation.

NB. You cannot have this treatment if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Before & After

Before and after photo showing the results of Polynucleotide Skin Regeneration at the EH Medical Cosmetics clinic in Cowes, Isle of Wight.
Before and after photo showing the results of Polynucleotide Skin Regeneration at the EH Medical Cosmetics clinic in Cowes, Isle of Wight.

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