Elizabeth Harris, Medical Aesthetic Nurse specialist on the Isle of Wight, explains the biological ageing process, how it affects us, and provides the most progressive developments in treatments.

Most of my patients are concerned about the effects of age-related change; noticing many changes in their skin and say they don’t recognise who is staring back at them in the mirror, as well as impacts on physical and cognitive functioning.  I often get asked what can be done to help prevent or improve these signs of ageing, both at home and with me in the clinic.

Before I share this with you, I think it’s essential for you to understand that I firmly believe that we are now heading into a new, very exciting time in regenerative aesthetics.

So, why do I feel this way?

Simply because – until now, we (as medical aesthetic practitioners) have been limited to treating the symptoms of ageing, but what if we could treat the cause?  And if so, what is the cause? What is happening at a cellular level and why do we see these changes as we get older? What impact does it really have on us? And what can we do, if anything, to prevent it?

What are the root causes of cellular ageing?

Have you ever wondered how some people look and feel so much younger than others when they are the same age? The way we look, and feel is consistent with our biological age. Our biological age reflects the decline in our cellular processes and may differ significantly from person to person, as this type of ageing isn’t fixed, and our cells will age at different rates.

Did you know that we have 37 trillion cells in our body? And every single one of these cells contains a molecule called Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (known as NAD or NAD+). This molecule is essential for our cellular energy production, cell maintenance, and of course – cell repair.

Unfortunately for all of us, the level of NAD drops as we age, and we lose 50% every 20 years. Things such as environmental damage and excessive strain on the body decline NAD more rapidly.  This means that our level of NAD is reflected in our ageing and our all-round cellular health, affecting our whole bodies.

In summary, the higher your levels of NAD the better your look and feel.

Most of us are aware that sun damage reduces the skin’s defences and its ability to repair. Sun-damaged and older skin cells become dysfunctional and over time our collagen and elastin reduce.

So, what can we do to help slow down our biological ageing?

First, we need to stimulate the cells in our skin to increase NAD and the function and performance of these cells, which will then in turn increase our collagen and elastin.

What can I do at home?

Did you know that you can increase your cellular health by exercising and intermittent fasting?

Eat a diet rich in antioxidant fruit and vegetables.

If you smoke, please do everything to stop if you can, or at least reduce the amount you smoke.

Stay hydrated (yes, I know obvious but essential) and another obvious one but, please be mindful of the damaging effects of alcohol.

Protect your skin from environmental damage during the day by using a topical antioxidant such as a (medical grade) vitamin C or A.G.E serum and a broad-spectrum mineral SPF. (After careful assessment of your skin type, I can advise the best products for your individual skin)

Take a clinically effective, bio-available Collagen supplement with amino acids and vitamin C (without these key ingredients the body is unable to absorb and utilise the collagen). After months of researching the best collagen supplement, I now stock Totally Derma for sale in clinic.

What treatments can be done in clinic?

The “3 Bs” are key to successful skin rejuvenating treatments.

  • Biorevitalisation – the first step is to provide your skin cells with the nutrients needed to function properly using a treatment selected to target your skin concerns
  • Biostimulation once revitalised, self-regeneration occurs increasing healthy structural skin cells to replace the dysfunctional ones (skin cell rejuvenation)
  • Bioremodelling stimulated skin cells are re-morphed, increasing collagen and elastin production.

In my clinic, I have carefully selected the best injectable treatments, which include:

PhilArt® Polynucleotides, Radiesse®, Profhilo® and Sunekos® – as all these treatments work to improve your skin in this way.

Polynucleotides work at a DNA level and have healing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. They have been used in medicine for many years due to these amazing properties. Dermalux® LED light therapy is non-invasive, also providing the 3 Bs with amazing healing properties.

Treatments that cause trauma to the skin to stimulate cellular repair for regenerative effects, such as SkinPen® medical microneedling and Plasma BT®, are dependent on the skin’s ability to respond, so if these treatments are given when skin cells are healthier, the results will be better.

This is why I will often recommend treatments in a certain order, or as part of a treatment package to maximise regeneration, to ensure optimum results and longevity of treatment.

 Is there a way to stop our cells from ageing?

So far, we’ve established that the level of NAD in our cells decreases rapidly with age. Older cells need more NAD due to the level of cellular damage and inflammation, so the damage is not repaired effectively. This decline in cellular processes causes deterioration in our whole body, including our muscles, cognitive function, skin, joints, hair etc.

Of course, this is all accelerated once us ladies hit the perimenopause!

Unfortunately (despite what you may be able to buy) it is impossible to take pure NAD as a supplement, as it is an unstable molecule and it is too large to enter cells……. but all is not lost.

I was fortunate enough to meet Dr Nichola Conlon, a molecular biologist and specialist in cellular ageing. I was also lucky enough to learn more about the biological ageing process from her and now have a level of understanding that has enabled me to explain this very complicated subject, in such a straightforward manner.

Dr Nichola and a team of scientists have developed a supplement called TIME+ that has had the same amount of testing that is needed for a drug, even though it is a supplement and not classed as a medication.

This incredible supplement is clinically proven to increase NAD levels and reduce the biological age of cells. Even though we can’t take pure NAD, we can restore the cells’ ability to make and recycle NAD, switching back on our cells. This is proven to reduce age related conditions including fatigue, brain fog, skin ageing, hair loss etc.

This supplement can be taken on its own or alongside clinic treatments to enhance and prolong their results. It is becoming popular opinion, that this is the most exciting development in the long-term approach to skin health and medical aesthetics.

Where can I purchase this supplement?

I am a Professional partner of Nuchido Time+ and stock it in clinic. It can also be purchased online at https://nuchido.co.uk/pages/choose-your-supply with my clinic discount code EHMC20 giving you a 20% discount on your first order.

NB It is Vegan and contains no allergens.

This cannot be taken if you are pregnant, breast feeding or receiving active cancer treatment.

If you would like to discuss your individual needs and concerns with me in person, then please get in touch with Heather our clinic co-ordinator to book your consultation.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to continuing to share my own journey and knowledge of what can be done to improve how we age…

Best wishes,


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