I’ve got some exciting news to share with you today. After careful consideration, I’ve decided to bring a cutting-edge skin analysis system into my clinic. It’s called the OBSERV® 520x Skin Analysis device, and it’s going to revolutionise the way I understand and treat your skin.

So, what exactly is the OBSERV®?  Well, think of it as a super smart photo booth for your skin. It uses advanced lighting and camera technology to take a deep dive into the layers of your skin, revealing all its secrets in just a few minutes. Together we can get a true view of your skin’s health, not just on the surface, but on multiple levels. It’s like having X-ray vision for your skin!

Now, you might be wondering why this is useful for you as a patient. Let me break it down for you. The OBSERV® can recognise a wide range of skin concerns, including fine lines and wrinkles, inflammation, scar tissue, pore health, skin pigmentation, active acne, sun damage, dryness, and so much more. By analysing your skin in such detail, we can identify and treat any underlying issues before they even become visible. It’s like catching problems before they have a chance to cause trouble!

But how does it actually work?  The OBSERV® emits special wavelengths of light that can penetrate your skin and capture detailed images of the deeper layers that are usually hidden from plain sight. These images allow us to perform accurate and in-depth analysis of your skin, giving us a clear picture of its texture, tone, structure, and any underlying damage. It’s like getting a sneak peek into the inner workings of your skin!

Now, here’s where things get exciting. By using the OBSERV®, we can develop personalised treatment plans that are specifically tailored to your unique skin needs. This means that I can really help you achieve the best possible results, whether it’s reducing the appearance of wrinkles, improving skin texture, or treating acne. And the best part? We can track your progress over time by comparing images from each session. It’s like having a visual record of your skin’s journey to its healthiest state!

If you’d like to experience the full benefits of the OBSERV®, I offer two options:

For my existing patients, you will receive a complimentary 15-minute initial assessment. During this session, we’ll get a glimpse into the health of your skin, and I will provide you with valuable information on how to take care of it moving forward. If you prefer a more in-depth analysis, I also offer a one-hour Skin Health Review*. During this review, we’ll dive even deeper into your skin, discussing your goals, current skincare routine, and more. It’s a comprehensive session that will leave you feeling confident and empowered to take charge of your skin health.

During the Skin Health Review, we’ll cover a wide range of topics, including how the skin ages, the products, habits to avoid, and common skincare myths. We’ll also discuss your genetic history, nutrition and hydration, lifestyle factors, medical history, cosmetic treatment history, and any possible treatment risks. It’s a holistic approach that considers every aspect of your skin’s well-being.

After your OBSERV® skin analysis, we’ll work together to create a personalised treatment plan that caters to your specific needs. You’ll receive a skincare regime designed just for you, along with recommendations for treatments and rejuvenation techniques. As your treatments progress, we will continue to use the OBSERV® to track changes in your skin and monitor the effectiveness of your skincare program. With my guidance and the knowledge, you gain from your personalised skin health review, you’ll have all the tools you need to take care of your skin properly.

So, are you ready to take charge of your skin health? The OBSERV® device is here to help us unlock the secrets of your skin and provide you with the best possible care. Book your appointment today and let’s embark on this journey towards healthier, more radiant skin together!

I am looking forward to seeing you soon,


(*The one-hour Skin health review is £70).

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